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An invitation to joy-!

“I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.”

Scott Adams

Today and everyday, decline all invitations in life that keep you in any state of mind other than joy. For joy is the only invitation worthy of your precious time. If others live in a mistaken reality that suffering is the foundation of human existence, choose to say no to this unfounded hallucination. The reality is when you choose to accept only invitations to live and experience life through a heart that seeks joy, joy will infuse your world! Accept that invitation and change the trajectory of your day!!! When you accept an invitation to joy, you welcome all the wonder that the creative can bring through magical music, delightful dance and amazing art. When you happily respond to an invitation of love, you alight with all the emotion brought to you through laughter, smiles, and excitement. Joy is everywhere, you are invited to experience it today. Through your connections, breathe it in. See your world as an opportunity not a burden, as joy not suffering, and that kind of world will be your reality, not a figment of your imagination. Open your mind, heart and soul to the beauty that surrounds and see your world change. Decline anything to the contrary and open your life to JOY!

Magical Key to Bliss: Commit to the mantra ” I will light up every room I walk into.”

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