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An explosion of blessings!

“Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.”

Elizabeth Harrison 1849-1927, Educator

For it is true, when you water a plant, give it lots of love and light, one day when you least expect it, you will bear witness to the most beautiful blossoms ever. The same holds true for you. If you take care of yourself, feed your mind with positive thoughts and surround yourself with love, you will become the most beautiful “You” ever.  It has been said that a bamboo tree takes five years to establish its roots before it burst out of the soil and you see the plant itself.  Perhaps you are frustrated with the progress of your life. Perhaps you are doubting the potential of realizing your dreams because you have been stuck in the same place for quite some time. But, in reality, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that still remains a mystery.  And just like the bamboo plant, there will come a day when you will burst out with an explosion of blessings while you realize all your dreams and see them evolve from an idea to what you experience in life.  The most important thing on the road of discovery is to stay optimistic for yourself and others.  Encourage yourself as well as those around you.  Find a way to lift the world onward and upward with incredible loving intentions rather than judgments.  And one day soon, perhaps today, as you and by virtue of your incredible impact, others as well, will bear witness to an explosion of blessings for us all.


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