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Allow your imagination to take you away

“A drum and a mouth-to play music and sing. Use your imagination to create happiness.” A Buddhist saying

The greatest tool that you have is your imagination.  There have always been the great ones whose imagination has taken them from ordinary to extraordinary.  They are the ones who dreamt that they could fly like birds before the first flight.  They are the ones who have gone to the moon in their mind before the actual first journey. They are the ones who visualized a world made smaller by enhanced means of communication before the first phone appeared.  They are the ones who have imagined a world brought together to celebrate the beauty of differences before it actually happened.  There are so many wonderful things your imagination can do, so many wonderful places your mind can go.  If you just surrender to it, you will be surprised by the joy it will bring visualizing all the possibilities never hindered by any of the limitations. Your imagination can bring magic. Just look at a child as he or she plays.  Dancing with the snowflakes, singing to the tunes that emerge from nature or creating a world of joy by allowing their minds to be free to experience it.  Still with the capabilities to use your imagination to create your own brand of happy if you just let go for a moment and do it without judgments, you start to bang on your own drum sharing your music with the world. On this journey into bliss, the gift of your imagination is miraculous as you get a preview as to where life can take you!  Allow it to take you away!

Magical Key to Bliss: Empower yourself to imagine the greatness within!

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