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Act as if it were impossible to fail!

“Act as if it were impossible to fail.”

Dorothea Brande 1893-1948, Writer and Editor

While it is safe to say that we all have dreams, a lot of us may not have the confidence to pursue them, may not have a firm grasp on how to realize them, or may not be able to articulate them.  Perhaps the ingredient that we are all missing is the confidence to believe in ourselves.  While there are many of us who do dream, a lot of us are willing to forgo their manifestation because we fear failure or maybe we are just waiting for someone to give us permission to go after them.  In reality, the only person who can choose to go after their heart’s desire is you.  The only person who can give yourself the permission to embark on a fulfilling journey into realization is you.  So with this in mind, as long as we have our dreams, achieving success realization only takes one choice- whether you believe in yourself or you don’t!  If you make the choice to believe, then going forward, act as if it were impossible to fail.  Why not?  Don’t waste a moment more of your life doubting your abilities. Don’t waste a moment more of your life with self- deprecating behavior.  Don’t waste another moment of your life buying into someone else’s limiting belief of what the universe has waiting for you.  You have dreams, you have ability, now make the decision to act and see it through.  By using creative visualization set out a road map that will guide you wherever you need to go to get to a place where your greatest wishes can come true.  And, when you set out on your journey, with great confidence, keep moving forward using your missteps to further clarify your path.  Failure will never be an option if you get up and try again.  This belief in yourself and confidence in your ability will take you far.  So go and set the world on fire- make your dreams a reality, so we all can rejoice with you!  Today is a new beginning to believe in your potential- today is a new start to believe in you- and today with this attitude you are one step closer to making all your deepest wishes come true!  Act as if it were impossible to fail and odds are you won’t! This is how life should be lived and the dreams that reside in your heart are sure to manifest in all their glory!

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