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Acknowledge the good in all things!

Acknowledge the good in all things!

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

Eckhart Tolle

If I were to be honest and human, ever since my mother passed away, I have had a very challenging time acknowledging the good in my life, especially around the holidays.  While I know that I am incredibly blessed with so much, it just gets particularly difficult when that very important person and presence is not there to celebrate with you.  I, like everyone else I know, want to experience the abundance life has to offer.  I would be the first person to say attitude of gratitude, what are you grateful for and identify the same.  So, it would seem that it is particularly counterintuitive to focus on the loss rather than what remains. 

I want to bask in the joy of connections with friends and families.  I want to experience a passion and enthusiasm for the continuing learning process that lies before me.  I want to focus on the positive of the world more often than dwell on the negative.  And, I want to feel the freedom of stepping into the good that I know is out there. 

However, it can be said that to acknowledge the pain that resides in your heart from the loss of any relationship is also to honor the good from what represented a link to love that was a part of your life for so long.  To honor your feelings and acknowledge what you have in your life as a result of the connection is an important step in honoring your own healing process, especially around the holidays.  By remembering well the good times and the profound lessons that you have learned by virtue of that relationship, and also honoring the sadness of their having left your world, you are well on your way to laying a stronger foundation for abundance where negating those feelings and denying them would not serve you well and put off the grief that you will inevitably feel.  You are where you are in this life, whatever stage in the process.  It would serve you well to honor, embrace and accept without judgment where you are if you are to move through.  Certainly, where it is more difficult to do this, find the support and encouragement that helps and assists you if you can, the connection makes the road to healing easier.  Find the mentor who has already had this experience and be guided and loved through the process.  For in this way, you can acknowledge and honor whatever wounds come up for you and in a huge way honor the good that also comes into your life as a result.  Life is filled with opportunities, in the comfortable and the uncomfortable.  When you truly experience your feelings that come up in both scenarios, there you will take advantage of the opportunity and build upon a solid foundation that will assist you for years to come and therein lies the foundation for abundance! 

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