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Accept and Move on!

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. Carl Jung

There is magic in accepting those things that we cannot change. There is a tremendous sense of freedom in that place of release. The acceptance frees us to move forward into a future unburdened by resentment or regret. The acceptance allows us to stop punishing ourselves over and over again for things that have happened. The acceptance of where we are right here and right now allows us to be present unhindered by our self imposed shackles. We sometimes stand steadfast to the ghosts of the past that haunt us with all our might because it is a known commodity. And, what is known feels safe for a limited time. But it is in the holding on to what is safe, that we lock ourselves in our own self imposed cell that prevents real growth in our life. It is in the acceptance, forgiveness and release that we can liberate ourselves from self-sabotage. It is in the acknowledgment that we cannot change what has happened that we are free to experience the amazing grace that awaits us on the inside. Judgment and a closed mind locks us into a cycle of condemnation. The magic of accepting is the precise ingredient needed to experience real change and ultimately feel alive. So what are you waiting for, accept what you see before you and confirm that it is time to move on oppressed no more!

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