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A Simple Wish for a Happy New Year!

“Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities.”

Michael Josephson Speaker on the subject of ethics and former law professor

In order to move forward towards a wonderful New Year that allows you to embrace your own authentic life, start by repeating the following mantra:  simplify, simplify, simplify.  The key is to clear out life’s clutter, the things that jumble your mind and heart, and resolve to clarify what is really important to you.  As we are on the cusp on a brand new start, take a look at yourself in the mirror and be truthful to yourself, look at who is surrounding you and be truthful to others, and then look within and be truthful to your higher self. Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.  Do your year in review and ask yourself what has worked well for you, what behaviors need to change, where have you played the victim, and where do you intend to make choices that better serve your spirit.

When you look at your life, yourself and others with an open, loving and truthful heart, you begin to make the shift that will allow you to approach the new challenges as they come and learn from them.  Become the director of your own screenplay.  Be the writer of your own story. Be the change in your own world. The opportunities will be there in life, it is with the clarity and authenticity that you bring to those opportunities that will dictate where you will go with them.  When you release the clutter of a heavy heart, when you clean out the old resentments that weigh you down, and when you learn from past mistakes as well as validate and embrace your successes, you are then ready to enter a new phase where all that is possible is laid out before you. With this, get in touch with the love in your heart that allows for forgiveness and growth and pay attention to your intuition as to the direction it will take you.  Stand in gratitude for all the blessings you have already received and stand in gratitude for the blessings that are on their way. Only then will you receive the grace, the strength and the favor to realize your dreams and live out your purpose.   And as we simplify our lives, we will have a clear picture of what is important to us, for we will be able to experience the journey as it unfolds moment by moment, and we will better understand the gift  of the connections that we make along the way that will give our lives a deeper meaning.

I wish you all a safe, happy, prosperous New Year with your loved ones, both close and far! May the magic and miracles permeate your life in the good times and bad.  May the hand of God bless you all with both the challenges to learn and the opportunities to embrace! And I simply wish you all a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year my friends!

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