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A sense of accomplishment!

Be true to who you are!  That is the best version of you! Even though media and the world try to tell you something different, it is your job to be your most authentic self.  Simple, right? Not really when mixed messages are coming your way.  The simplicity of standing confident in your skin gives way to utter confusion as to who that person really is and whether you are worthy to do so!  When you are easily swayed by others as to how you should live your life, what you should look like, what you should wear and how you relate to others, then it becomes a very big challenge to identify who you truly are inside and what she or he is meant to do in this life.  As children, you hopefully were given the basic foundation as the virtues and values necessary to live a good and loving life. As adults, you get to decide what resounds and makes sense to you.  And, if you really get in touch with your own passionate desires that align with the beautiful person that you already are, then as you stand firm in your purpose in this life and the great things that you can accomplish because you believe in yourself, then the person you are on the inside will match the person that you are on the outside. Stay true to you! If you do, you will be living your truth and acting out the best version of yourself.  The best version of yourself will soon be all that makes sense to you. And when you do this, no degree of outside influence will threaten this divinely inspired belief that has you participating in the production guided by the music that emanates from your heart.  And, it is in listening to that music and playing and dancing and singing that you achieve the greatest sense of accomplishment.  Regret can only come from not adhering to the promise that is your life.  As Wayne Dyer has said, “Don’t die with the music still in you.”  Follow your heart as your own soul dictates and your life is filled with abundance and promise.  A little each day or a lot-move forward!  Just go at your own pace and be true to yourself! Allow your intuition to guide you! You know when you do, a smile will always accompany you- even when the challenges accompany too! Congratulations my friends, to be authentic is the greatest accomplishment you will ever bear witness too!  This I promise you!

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