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A night with one of my favorites, Judy Blume!


As a young girl, I was not an avid reader. That is until my mom gave me the book “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.”  I loved personalized items back then. Hairbrushes, clothes, barrettes etc.  So when I got this book, naturally I thought that it was personalized just for me.  And I started to read and read and read all Judy Blume’s books thereafter.  She was a great writer as she examined the issues of an adolescent child in a way that made you feel like you were not alone in your angst.  And as a young girl, I had my share of angst.  Awkward, bullied, introspective, and shy, I was a target for anyone who wanted to make themselves feel better by picking on me. With a mouth full of silver, a less than current haircut, some really interesting glasses and a changing body, I lost myself in the imaginative world of Judy Blume and felt like I was no longer the most painfully awkward person in the world.  And with this love of her storytelling, I always wanted to thank her for writing a book for me and for a love of words.

As I just recently finished my first literary effort, I was reflecting on all of my inspirations.  From my female writing angel Liz Gilbert who I had the pleasure to meet over 1 1/2 ago to my male writing angel Paolo Coelho who I recently heard his first interview on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday, there are so many other authors who have made their mark in my heart and on my writing soul.  And amongst them, Judy Blume was the first. So it did not surprise me that when I went looking for information as to what happened with her over the years ( I love facebook and social media for this) synchronicity would have it that she had a new book coming out and was coming to a location near me in Miami.  So I readily jumped on it and pre-ordered her book In the Unlikely Event, and asked my friend Pau to join me.

So June 15 was finally here, I brought a new copy of “Are you there God?  It’s me Margaret”  for her to sign (I could not find the old one, but I liked the new one better because the cover photo had brown hair not blond), and made my way to Temple Judea where the festivities would soon begin.  As we walked in, we were given a button that said I love Judy Blume and Frank Sinatra’s music  was playing favorite songs like Fly Me to the Moon.  Then Judy Blume was introduced.  She looked wonderful.  Alongside Andrea Zuckerman from NPR, Ms. Blume gave a delightful interview.  As I was sitting there, I thought to myself I can hardly believe that I am listening to one of my childhood heroes in person.  When it came time for questions, many of us gushed with excitement as Ms. Blume was thanked over and over for the delightful impact her books had on many of us as children.  My heart started beating and I knew I had to say something to her.  I finally got my chance as I stood up saying – Hi Judy my name is Margaret, and I have always wanted to thank you for writing “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret” for me.  Then I sat down after doing what I came here to do. That’s it, day made!  I met another author and this is one for my future books:)  A childhood dream realized at 45 years old.  Who would have thought? Dreams continue to come true- From a blog called the Mind-Body Shift, I read the following about the Artist’s Way and Paolo Coelho:

“At the heart of both is the idea of synchronicity, as Cameron calls the laws of universe that we set in motion by making a commitment to our passion or calling and taking the steps in the direction of our truest dreams. By doing so, we prepare ourselves to see and act upon the favor of fortune, or a “thousand unseen helping hands,” which Cameron believes we can count on presenting itself. Coehlo summarizes this principle as follows: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

There is no better God wink for me that I am moving in the right direction, the week I submit my book to the publisher, I meet the woman who inspired me as a young child to read and eventually that love for reading turned into a love for writing and story telling.  Life is good!

All I can think of now is to say:

“Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.  Thank you for the dreams already realized and the ones that are on the way!”

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