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A day like any other day- or is it?

It is very early still.  I have been very spoiled lately as my sleeping patterns have allowed me to rest until the otherwise normal waking hours. But not today! Perhaps this is because of the excitement for all the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead for me – I would like to think so! Then again each day is filled with possibilities. A chance encounter that changes the direction of your life’s trajectories.  A long awaited reunion that closes the gap of time in an instant.  Or, just the appreciation of beauty that surrounds you that has always been there just seen for the first time. Just for today, I would like to put my anxieties away. Be present in the moments God provides for me and feel the connections as they come.  Give lots of hugs as I share my good energy with others. Give lots of kisses where it is deemed appropriate. Just give and receive a lot of great energy sharing.  And, ultimately I would like to  add this to the day to the joy list of my life.  I guess then because each day, hour, moment is unique in and of itself- how could today be just like any other day? Just like no person is the same, I suppose the same can be said for the moments that we experience. So with all of this in mind, I am going to seize the day and see where it takes me – Carpe Diem my friends! May we all be blessed on this day that is pregnant with possibility!  Follow the butterflies and transform away!

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