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A celebratory theme to guide your days!

Everyone needs a theme song! It should make you feel like a million dollars. Zooey Deschanel There are times in life when you may need a little inspiration to come your way.  There are times where you may need a little boost of energy to electrify your inner light.  There are times when you may need an infusion of passion or enthusiasm to take over and enliven your spirit.  If you find yourself needing some inspiration, a boost of energy or some passion, then it may be time to shift your focus onto a theme that can help you discover something a bit more magical for your days.  It may be time to refocus and set a wonderful tone by picking a theme that has the potential to catapult you to the next level of amazing.  Visualizing what you intend or want to experience in your life has always been a key to achieving goals. And to see your goals come to light, preparation is essential.  Just like those people who know how to throw a fabulous party or celebration, you may want to imitate their successful planning process and choose a corresponding theme for what you visualize that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary.  When you magically set out a tone for fun, joy or love, you put in place a positive foundation for the necessary building blocks of an incredible year.  By merely sitting and getting in touch with your intentions and your desires, you will be able to choose a splendid theme to assist and guide the work of your days.  And with a perfect theme in place, you will start to take actions that support the stage as the amazing story of your life plays out.  Then you can choose a song that corresponds to the desires of your soul if music moves you. You can choose art as a background whose colors bring happiness and cheer to stir up a vision that brings more of the same.  You can choose creative activities that will bring about the sentiment that you are looking for.  By setting out a theme for your life, you take a simple tool that will inspire the heart to aim higher, that will open the doors of your mind and that will keep the journey going in the direction that best serves your purpose.  Have you thought about a theme to guide your days? Maybe today is the best day to inspire, boost and infuse passion into every moment of your life in such a simple way that would have you feeling like a million bucks with the smallest time investment ever.

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