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The story of S.H.I.N.E. Miami! Day 1**

The Story of S.H.I.N.E. Miami- Day 1: Last year on October 24, Oprah Winfrey and her spiritual posse came to town to raise the vibration and challenge each of us to live the life we want!! ‪#‎LivetheLifeYouWantMIA‬. She ended the first night brilliantly declaring to a crowd of 15,000 in the American Airlines Arena “Together We Rise!” ‪#‎Togetherwerise‬. Everyone who was there left on a spiritual and physical high. We danced, we moved, we meditated and we reflected on the tremendous potential each and everyone has to make a difference in this world by following their calling and RISE! ‪#‎rise‬ ‪#‎OprahWinfrey‬

On October 25th, a dream of mine came true. I was called to share the stage with none other than Oprah herself- and she looked me in the eyes and said “it is time to live the life you want.” In my yellow jacket and tiara, I looked up to the heavens thanking God for what I needed to hear. I never wanted that feeling to end. ‪#‎Magical‬ ‪#‎bliss‬. I met some amazing people that weekend and the weeks leading up to it (Linda Dalton and Chad!) people who clearly were alight with an energy and spirit that was energizing and life empowering. I also became friends with another dreamer and doer, Chris Palacios of South Florida Education who also felt the call to make a difference. We all left declaring that we will be the change we wish to see in the world!

So did we!?!

In April of this year, Chris Palacios contacted me with the idea to reconnect with that tremendous spirit and energy by hosting a morning where we can come together again and experience the magic all over again and keep it going!!! So we decided to organize a networking event where incredible and amazing people can come together and shine together. S.H.I.N.E. Miami! was born! And as Oprah said “together we will rise! People can come together, even if you were not at the Oprah event, and share and inspire others with their own calling. It is all about Spirit. Hope. Insight and Networking to light the fire within and SHINE brilliantly together. How lucky am I that Pam Grout, the NY Times Bestselling author and expert on the Field of Potential and Amy Butler of Amy Butler Design , the creative and innovative designer and editor of Blossom magazine, said yes when I asked then to join us on this adventure and magical journey!!! So tune in tomorrow for more on this incredible event! If you are interested go to and get your tickets as they will be available until October 16, and get ready to SHINE S H I N E Miami- Spirit Hope Insight Networking Event!! with Pam Grout and Amy Dee

And remember in the words of Pam Grout, when we act together “Something wonderful is always about to happen!!!” ‪#‎ShineMiami‬ ‪#‎TheGuide‬ to #Magical #bliss

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