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First, setting out to follow my guide with The Magical Guide to Bliss, I chose a new path that aligned passion and purpose. Second, looking for tools, I created affirmations to bolster each day with Sparkle & Shine. Now, I tell my story with my memoir Butterfly Awakens, the final book in the Butterflies & Bliss trilogy.

Additionally, I share the vulnerability of a story that began ten years ago when I lost my champion, my mother to breast cancer. It is a tale of finding hope through resilience and determination. In the end, I hope to inspire others to come alive to the beauty of their dreams! Enjoy the music and know that I believe in each one of you!

Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief

Forty-something Italian-American immigration attorney moves through life-altering grief after her beloved mother dies from breast cancer. Questioning her life purpose, Meg resigns from her federal career to search for the lighthouse she saw in a vision before her mother passes, leading her to walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain. In this must-read journey of transformation through personal loss, health challenges, and professional struggles, Nocero overcomes adversity by embarking on a spiritual and physical journey that will serve as a ray of hope for anyone who is struggling in life and unsure whether there is, indeed, a light at the end of the tunnel. In the end, this story is a beautiful love letter that honors Nocero’s mother’s legacy while detailing the awakening of her own. 

She sets out to wake up and live again; the butterfly connection and stark honesty of her writing offers readers important lessons learned from moving through grief so each person can shine again.  In light of today’s current events where 1 out of every 5 adults in the United States (approximately 43.8 million) experiences mental illness in a given year—the COVID-19 pandemic is only exacerbating these issues; this is a timely memoir that offers its readers hope through faith, resilience, and determination.

Likewise, click here to hear the author read the first page.

Without further ado, click Here to see the video trailer and start a spiritual journey to bliss and awaken!

Further, as an added bonus, click HERE to experience the beauty of my daughter singing Que Sera, Sera to this beautiful video created by Anissa Talip.

Register and join us on September 8, 2021, at 7 pm est for my virtual book launch.

Award-winning authors Suzanne Simonetti of The Sound of Wings and Leslie Rasmussen of After Happily Ever After will be interviewing me about Butterfly Awakens and the journey.

Additionally, space is limited. Click here to save your space and make sure you don’t miss out and register for the Zoom on Eventbrite today.

Most importantly, thank you all so much for your love and support. First, to pre-order Butterfly Awakens, I support Indie bookstores. Second, here are the links!

Moreover, I am hosting a Giveaway. For those who purchase on or before September 6, 2021. Please send me proof of purchase via email at on or before September 6, 2021, and you will be in the running for a Butterflies & Bliss Book Box– tiara included. The winner will be chosen on my IG Live Amazing Authors show with Jessica Ciosek at 12-noon est on my Instagram – click here.

If you love Butterfly Awakens, please leave a great review-it helps Indie authors so much!

Butterflies, get ready to dazzle!


Now, I want you all to know that I believe in you and it is time to fly!



Contact: Kim Weiss – 954-263-6827 – for questions regarding publicity.


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