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Color the world with creativity.

The secret to a happy life is to recognize that no matter what the situation, there’s a creative opportunity in it.

~Deepak Chopra, Indian-born American author, speaker, and alternative medicine advocate

With a brush in one hand and a palette of color in the other, set out to create a world that defies your limits. The canvas of life is laid out before you. Guide yourself each and every morning toward a place where you will have every possibility to let your imagination come alive. The tools in your artist’s box are waiting for you to sketch the life of your dreams, to fill in the gaps with details so exquisite they take your breath away, and to paint with bursts of color that make it all come to life. Every chance you get to color your world with creativity is a blessing for the whole. Just feel the creativity of your life course through your veins, seeking to be released in a grand show for all to see. Each artist’s journey is different. Each of you brings your own color to this world. Your contribution has great meaning and purpose as it brings happiness to those lucky enough to experience the beauty of your masterpiece. Be willing to share your gifts as you color the world with your own creativity. You will succeed in making the world brighter, which in turn will alleviate the heaviness of worry from your shoulders. In turn, the canvas you create with your inspired genius will carry all of us to a happier place! In essence, you are coloring the world with love.

Magical Key to Bliss: Make it your goal to take the opportunity to open your own artist’s toolbox and create with great abandon and happiness today and every day!

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