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Your reality is what you make it!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” Albert Einstein It is time to take a stand for all that is good! It is time to choose what your reality will be! When you believe the world will conspire in your favor, you will go out and find evidence that will support this theory.  When you believe in a reality surrounded with love, you will be amazed when you  get confirmation from the people you meet along the way what a wonderful world this could be.  When you believe each day is an opportunity to strengthen your attitude of gratitude, odds are in favor that you will create more  moments that delight beyond imagination.  Whether you choose happiness or not really depends on the energy of you.  Even in light of the hard challenges, when you come at life with this choice, then angels will arrive to help you through it all.  So there is no harm in closing your eyes and picturing the kind of life you want to live, the kind of people you would like to attract, and the kind of places you would like to go. This is great power in listing your intentions for each and every day before the journey begins.  And there is great affirmation when you write down and praise each and every kindness that comes your way, include the smallest ones, middle one and the greatest ones.  Choose to be the victor, not the victim.  Practice the good. If you want to be loved, practice being lovable.  Choose the good.  For if your reality is an illusion, and a persistent one at that, then I am sure that you would rather for a life filled with joy, happiness and love to persist. Your mind is the powerful link to it all.  So when you practice a life with a heart wide open to all the wonderful possibilities as they present, your mindset with this perspective can allow more magic and miracles when you affirm your own belief in the same.   Reality is what you make it really- so go out and practice bringing more fun, happiness and love into your vicinity and let your illusion be amazing!

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