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When the student is ready the teachers will appear!

This week began the summer intern program. I am lucky enough to be in charge of this program with many amazing people by my side. I have coordinated the intern program for over 14 years now and as I start each and every semester with these new bright excited minds, I smile to myself because I know I get to learn something new about myself each year. Yes, I get to teach them, but an even greater yes, they get to teach me! 

I have worked as an attorney for the Federal Government for quite some time now. When I interview potential candidates for our program, I always smile to myself when the answer to my question “why do you want to work here” is “I have always wanted to work for the federal government”. I smile because that student across the table could have been me all those years ago.  And with this answer, I think to myself how would I have wanted that person interviewing to treat me, so young, naive and eager to learn.  At that point, I become conscious of the fact that my actions and my words can impact the course of that person’s life in perhaps little to big ways. I become aware of the fact that I can inspire another or I can deflate another. The power of teacher is great.  So the responsibility becomes even greater.  This is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned for I know that my former mentors and teachers took that responsibility very seriously and inspired me to great things. 

All 17 from different backgrounds reported for training this week, a full week of learning the foundations of immigration law. I knew that this was my chance to set the tone for the summer. I started off with a presentation whose message began with “this is your opportunity, what will you do with it?”  That message was much more set out for me, than for them- I know this and I took this to heart.  I have 17 very impressionable minds, this is my opportunity to be of service and inspire, what would I do with that opportunity? 

So the student in me is inspired by my new teachers once again. Training week was exhausting, but with the assistance of other amazing teachers, we started off on a very positive note and I look forward to see where the rest of the summer takes us. It always is a new adventure, even though the subject matter never changes. I always come away with amazing connections. And most importantly, as I change and grow, I always come away with a new lesson learned. A lesson that matches the synchronistic vibe that comes to me at the perfect time. So with an open mind, I am ready to pay attention to my new teachers and look forward to the ride! When the student is ready, the teacher will appear right? Always keep your eyes and mind open and be ready for your new teachers! Therein lies your greatest rewards!


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