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What wonder can happen in 100 days? Day 6


“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”  Thomas Jefferson

I wake up to a world where there is so much coming at me.  There are times where I look around and take it all in.  And there are times where to preserve my own sanity, I detach and go within.  Balance is the theme of the day.  Everything in moderation.  And as a mother, wife, lawyer, and seeker to name a few of the roles that I have taken on, it is a very challenging endeavor.

Open up to miracles Meg! Listen to your life guide you! Is this the point of wonder that I am seeking! Just to be guided into inspired action- Yes!  How long it has taken me to get to this point. Always searching for a way to garner the approval of another.  There is something within all of us that wants to be seen and heard.  There is something in us that wants to be told how special they really are.  As a middle child of three, I was wedged between two very amazing sisters who excelled so well in school, the benchmark for excellence in a family who measured worth on how well you did on the educational spectrum.  It is no wonder that I yearned for this wondrous attention when I just felt mediocre at best.  But then again, as I ascend on the ladder of life, my achievements become more personal in nature, reflecting an importance for me as I prove to myself over and over again what I am capable of.  Walking in the shoes of two very exceptional parents, grandparents, sisters, relatives, the bar seems high at times, almost unachievable.  Surrounded by incredible people of exceptionally high levels of intelligence, I feel almost insecure in my gifts that I bring to the world.  But the wonder of it all comes to me when I realize that I am not here to measure myself against others, I am here to be inspired by them.  Inspired by those who climb their own staircase surviving some pretty big challenges. Inspired by those who are honest with the world as to where they have come and where they want to go.  Inspired by how we all rise together and individually.  And the wonder of it all is that by living my life revealing my own struggle and joys, maybe the result is that I get to inspire other as well.  That is in itself a miracle all its own, especially where approval is no longer the goal but making a difference is!  And then I feel the excitement and carefree joy of that little child within smiling all along embracing that feisty spirit of discovery- knowing I am not just special but magical too and that it will all be ok!

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