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What wonder can happen in 100 days? Day 3


This must be my corner of happiness. This is what I wake up to everyday.  Words that hold power and meaning in my life: Inspire, Dream, Live, Laugh, Love, Hello Sunshine, Faith, Hope, Love, and Awakenings.  All words, beautiful words, that set off an energy of empowerment when I read them. As the observer looking for evidence of wonder in my life, photos that convey dreams that came true, dreams that still are my truth and renderings of dreams that will soon come true excite me.  This is my evidence of what was, what is and what will soon be. It is a place for me where possibilities are born and will soon become reality.  It is a place that I honor and a place where I show my gratitude.  It is my corner of happiness. And, it is no wonder that my life is filled with magic and miracles when this is what I see when I first wake up to my day.  This little corner is filled with wonder and blessings. When I take it all in, I acknowledge my path, my accomplishments, my growth and my potential.  How wonderful really! Do you have a corner like this in your world? If not, what wonder could you stir up if you set out to create one for yourself!!!

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