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We are all fragile!

“A baby is born with the need to be loved- and never outgrows it.” 

Frank Howard Clark

If we remember on a daily basis that each one of us was at one time a little baby and needed the love and attention of another, it will put perspective into each and every one of our connections throughout the day.  When a baby is ignored and not given the love and caring attention, they fail to thrive.  The same goes for every human being.  We never outgrow the need to be loved and must remember that each one of us is fragile in this regard.  Showing love, compassion and caring to our family members, friends, and complete strangers can change your day as well as the day in the life of another. With this in mind as service, small acts of love and kindness can really change a person and in the end change yourself! In essence, give LO VE and make this world a better place to live because we never outgrow that need.

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