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The Year of Magical Thinking-Wear your Soul Well!

“I am the light of the world. That is my function. That is why I am here.” The Course of Miracles

You have always been a beautiful, shiny soul! Your incredible light is wrapped up in an amazing physical form to allow you to develop your inner self on this miraculous journey. Excited to discover your life as a young child seeing for the first time through those new ideas, as time progresses, your soul reaches out for masks to protect itself against the challenging elements. Dimming your light so as to not attract attention to its glorious shine.

In desperation to love yourself exactly where you are, you seek guidance, you look for your people, and you open your eyes to find your soul tribe. That one place where it feels safe to take off your masks and put on your soul again. When you trust your higher power with unwavering faith, you see again with clear vision, the same vision you had when you first entered this space. Your realignment to the truth, rather than the illusion, fills that sense of emptiness to the point where freedom to live out your purpose takes over once again. Your foundation comes into full expression as you continue to navigate the hills and valleys. Hypocrisy and judgment of others still wearing masks is no longer of great import as you reignite the true sparkle within and decide to let your light shine baby shine!

I will spend the rest of my life nurturing my soul to be exactly who I came here to be, to do exactly what I came here to do! I will not go until that job is fully fulfilled. My wounds will not define me, I will grow stronger because I grow from them. I will not allow my strength to be a curse where I am unable to ask for assistance in my weak moments. I will put on my soul as I offer and ask for love to fuel me on the way. No need to dress it up ( although I do appreciate the magical and pretty things). Just know that because I may seem strong it does not mean that I don’t need love too! And there my soul tribe, you offer your light to lift me up too! Magical thinking!

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