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The Year of Magical Thinking-Embrace the Unknown

“The limits and inhibitions of my past are gone. Each day is a new birth of my soul.  Each day is another step on the journey to a oneness with God.  I do not seek, I know. I do not strive, I am guided.”

Uell S. Anderson

Guide me- take me by the hand and lead me! I am a willing participant in this magical journey.  My future has yet to be written. The stars bring me to a place of possibility. The universe is so vast and so filled with potential. Why would I limit myself to what I know now when there is so much to learn as I am willing to open myself up to knowledge that awaits. The only place my story is written is in my mind, then it became truth because I believed it to be so. It was not destiny, it is what I allowed. Free will is the key to what shall be! I choose to believe only what gives me wings to soar. I choose to take you with me to discover the beauty that awaits. I choose to hear whispers on the wind, “Faith dear child- have faith in the above, you my dear one were created to love.”  With my head firmly attached to my heart, this team will never again stand apart.  Your thoughts makes things, the symbol of the horse comes to me in my sleep. The subconscious mind begs for attention. Time to gallop and run with the wind in your hair. No fear, no fear, no fear! So today I say with a cheery face, good things come when the unknown I embrace.  Guide me! For this chapter of my life is a gift, I am grateful!

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