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The surrender makes me strong!

No one ever said that the journey would be smooth! Today I make the decision not to look back- it’s time. I have held on to patterns in my life that keep me facing the same challenges over and over. Wondering why I hold on so tightly, wanting to feel the joy from the releasing that which holds me in a cage of my own creation. I stand now at a crossroads. Which way to turn? Which way to go? Which choice to make? Does it matter. I was enlightened when I discovered gratitude. Now, I must be empowered by experiencing surrender. I was taught my whole life to let go, let God. Wanting to control so much, I have become overstressed and overtired. I am now over it! I repeat enough and face the future by living in the present accepting whatever it has to offer, yet knowing that I do get to walk away from old patterns to rejoice in the potential that awaits me! I can do that! I can say a little prayer that god watch and keep me along the way and I can leap into the abundance that awaits me! And I will. Doing my best to leaves worries and fears behind me, looking for the positive along the way even if there are many bumps to encounter- and I surrender to whatever comes my way, knowing the good that awaits me and that makes me strong!

And then I look up and notice the butterflies all around me!

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