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The Story of one of my “Dreams”!

In 17 days I am going to see Oprah in Miami. This has been a dream in the making for soooo long! (just ask Richard Jurgens) When the Oprah show was on, I was writing forever to get tickets entering the lottery for tickets at the end of the month, sending in short responses to her shows inquiries, I even had my friends asking for tickets. i had a tickler on my phone when to check the website to see if the open period to apply was there). I just so appreciate the power of positive thinking that I loved to watch her and hear her message. All about possibility and people reaching out to be validated and heard. At 3, my son thought that she was a close personal friend and had mentioned to me why don’t I just invite her to dinner. ( both my kids at the age of 3 knew her name)(ask Nina Vivenzio as Ava was referencing that I loved to eat popcorn and watch her show every day- maybe not eat popcorn every day:)) In October 2006 when I wrote to the reverend who started complaint free world, he contacted me and gave me a chance to meet be on Oprah’s show. I bought around 100 bracelets and gave them out to my office and I wrote to him how much the bracelets made a difference in my agency as we were more conscious of the language we used with each other (21 days to change a habit of gossip, negativity, or complaints can really change lives) He asked me if I would be interested to come on a segment on her show to talk about the impact but since he was a religiously affiliated person and wanted to know about how his bracelets affected a federal agency, I was told that I could not go. But I do know as an attorney and user of words, nothing could be more true- be impeccable with your words! Unfortunately that did not come to pass. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, a lot of her shows on women who won the battle got me through and gave me hope that she would be a survivor. She did fight the battle and she did go into remission, however in 2010 it came back. My mom really was challenged to dream at that point. It was a big blow as her fear of reoccurence came true. I thought that I had big dreams and if she could see mine come true then she would not lose hope. Hope is a precious commodity for those with cancer as many who have been touched by it well know how important it is to keep the spirit alive. My dream was to go on the Oprah show and see her in the last season. It was on my vision boards for so long and now I had a mission. Not many more opportunities, I planned a trip in October of 2010 to go to Chicago with my sister Aimee Nocero and Lisa Lommerin. Everyone said it was impossible to get tickets but I would not listen- we had so much fun looking for them- it is the journey not the destination. (ask Nick Morales he tried to help us:)) I am a big believer in dreams and was so enthusiastic about this trip that many of my friends were trying to help me get on her show when we were there. We went and met so many great people at the Oprah store across from the studio but we were not able to get tickets to meet you! (ask Lisa Lommerin) There was a lot of excitement though. It was funny when we found out that the show was on the guy who was in a marriage with many women, we said that our experience could not have been at a show like that- it had to be monumental! While a bit disappointed (well a lot) I still did not give up hope and continued my campaign – she inspired me and somehow I believed that inspiration would be there to help my mom and me to get her through this challenge. I took a photo of myself holding a sign saying teach and inspire wherever you are for one of her final contests- Well as many of you know in April 2011 my mom lost her battle to breast cancer and in May 2011 her show went off the air. On April 2011 I cried like never before, because my light in the world, my mom, had just left to go to a better place. On May 2011, I cried even more because my big dream did not come true- my dream to save my mother by tapping into the field of potential to make possible what seemed to be really big and impossible. It was a double heart break! So began a period of grieving i have never experience before- a true dark night of the soul. I did not think that I would make it through. I have many angels in my life, family and friends, and while the grieving period was so challenging many loved ones helped me to get through it, believe me it took time and patience and a lot of love. But slowly I started to believe in magic and miracles again- it did not happen overnight but the healing process did bring me out of the darkness where I can dream BIG again! In 2012 I bought tickets to fly out to Los Angeles once again in October to go to see “o you! “with my husband. As you know October is breast cancer awareness month and it was just too much for me and too soon. I missed my mom- my anxiety was triggered and so high I could not get on the plane- panic or anxiety attacks are no joke! You feel that you are going to die and there was no way I could get on a plane feeling like that- maybe it was the fear of not having a dream come true again! Yet once again my dream to see her and feel that energy in person slipped away! I was still needing to heal. I think it the power of positive vibrations that draws me to her. People who are seekers and share that energy are attracted there and God knows we all need positive energy in our lives! It’s 2014, and I have come so far and healed so much – I came back from such a dark time of the soul and am looking to help others heal during times of darkness by doing small things every day. (St. Therese right Mari Vina) I had many angels come to my aid and want to give back in a big way! i know I had to go through this journey and I am grateful and I have met and reconnected with so many of you fabulous people!!!! I am not sure if I would have been so vulnerable with my life if my mom was still here- I had her to confide in . I have written a book of inspiration called The Magical Guide to Bliss to help inspire others to get through challenging times and keep the faith ( God is good). It is a 365 day guide to unlocking your bliss within.Even my dad is in on it as he is writing the intro on what it means to be human? From a dr who is compassionate caregiver this should be good! I met Elizabeth Gilbert when she came to Miami on her book signing in 2013 and was just taken in by her honest vulnerability!!! I started to follow her on Facebook. When she announced on her page that she would be coming to Miami with OPRAH on this tour I nearly cried(with Rob Bell who is an amazing speaker as he brings together science and spirituality- if you haven’t already watch him on a DVD called Everything is Spiritual) – on the day tickets went in sale I was shaking so much as I tried to purchase them. I bought two premium plus tickets bc I felt like this was the time I would get to see her and wanted to have a great view!!!! My husband knowing how important this was to me, encouraged me to buy the even more expensive tickets but I did not lose my head completely! (thank you Frank Simone for your support) She is coming to my backyard and this journey of almost 4 years has come to this – full circle- and my best friend who came with me to Chicago in 2010 will be with me again! She’s flying in from New Jersey. And there is not much more monumental than the live the life you want tour!!! I am so beyond excited and would love to meet her as it would be a dream come true, but the honor of being in the same room with all of those seekers and bask in the positive energy will be one of those amazing life moments!! I wish my sister Aimee Nocero could be there with me too. i believe that you have your dreams and you do what you can to see them through. Then the universe will conspire in your favor( right Christine Stevens) So let’s see what happens in 16 days:) thank you all for your love and support for the last 4 years and really throughout my life! It means the world to me!!!!Let’s see what the universe has in store! All my love and gratitude!!! (like I said once I click and send this out there for the universe with my prayer that it will do with what it may)Let’s see if dreams really come true! I certainly believe!!!! Whatever way it looks like I am willing to receive- I can visualize it and see it now!! and I know my mom will be there right by my side!

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