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The Magical Guide to Bliss insight: A greater world than we could ever imagine!

“There’s no greater thing that you can do with your life, than to follow your passions in a way that serves you and the world.”

~Sir Richard Branson

Two heads are better than one. In fact, if it is upon the shoulders of giants that you are able to recognize new breakthroughs and explore further innovative design, then there will always be a vital need for many thinkers to enhance the process.  One person alone can never take all the credit for good works or deeds. It has often been the hero guided by the mythical mentor that gives way for informed choices as the journey continues. It has and will always be a communal effort that leads to great discoveries that enhance the collective good.  The successful performance only goes on seamlessly because each person joins together to follow their passions in a way that sets out to serves themselves and the world.  And to be a part of that collective effort, you walk away experiencing the great thrill of being alive and connected to others for the greater good.  Yes, two heads are better than one.  Look around and share your ideas with others to gain perspective that will break through any illusory barrier that gets in the way.  When two heads collide in a wonderful way, something amazing can be created by virtue of the talents that are put forth.  Then, you will reap the rewards through the realization of a world that is more beautiful, kinder, greater and more peaceful through joint effort than any of us could ever imagine alone.

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