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The dance has begun!

Meg’s mantra: I move to the magical beat of the universe!

I hear the soft and sweet tinkling of the chimes playing with the wind outside my window. Sounding off a delightful melody resting between gusts. The wind blows effortlessly against them as the music of life’s dance is orchestrated to enliven all my senses encouraging me to embrace the day. My heartbeat participating in sounding the drums, evidence of life’s need to go on! The sun rising once again welcoming my visions to become a reality. Why fight it? Why not go with it – move with the effortless flow instead of struggling against! There is nothing to figure out- just start playing along, dancing and singing to engage in gratitude for the opportunity it presents! Happy Sunday! Grab your dancing shoes and I hope to meet you on the magical dance floor!!! The party has just begun! ‪#‎themagicalguidetobliss‬

This dance called life needs to be enjoyed. A movement out of fear to love. I cannot imagine that we were sent here to suffer so. It makes no sense that our primary mission is to feel pain without joy.  The dance allows for the beauty in the transition and transformation of the human experience. We must continue to change as we grow closer and closer to what we are called to do. Purpose and meaning comes in the playfulness as well as the sorrow. There must be a balance between the two- move from fear to joy and you will arrive at a place called love.  A vision to be behold!  A journey to ultimate bliss!

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