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The Artist’s Way – Week 6 – all about abundance!

This week int he Artist Way I am learning that God, the Great Creator, wants the world for us! And the world means the world!!!! With our artistic creativity, this chapter teaches us to recover a sense of abundance.  I love the part here where she says to focus on abundance and prosperity as it is pretty clear that the Creator itself did not know when to stop! So much abundance in this world, love, hope, joy! Found in nature and with the wondrous creatures of the world. So much diversity and beauty it takes my breath away!  When i choose to see the world this way, it almost makes you want to jump start doing what you are meant to do in this life- no delays- because when you start, the money will come, the support will come, the dreams will come in such an abundant fashion that it won’t know when to stop!  God is such a generous God! He wants the world for us- that includes prosperity in financial, spiritual, relational, intellectual and physical endeavors. We are the only ones who put limits on our capacity to live abundantly.  And to live the abundant life that I seek, i must ask the question that lead me in the right direction starting with What gives me true joy?????  And when we figure out what that is we must carve out the time to do just that and make the small changes that allow us to live a true life!   

The main exercise this week has us tracking what we spend to figure out where our money is going- is it going out to buy things that give us true joy or are we acquiring things to find happiness only to be burdened by the weight of the clutter.  I find this exercise much easier than tracking calories on a diet- I guess it is because it is in a sense an evaluation of what I am spending. 

Then she has us examining our attitudes about money- some of which can be a blockage if feelings tend to be negative- then again I always love the saying “money comes easily and frequently” not really giving a label as good or bad, just respecting what is with a sense of gratitude!

One of the tasks that I worked on today was buying five postcards to send to five friends who i would love to hear from- this is abundance in relationships!

Another tasks has you saying yes to freebies- this made me laugh at the synchronicity that appeared as one of my cases yesterday had me examining a tax return where the applicant won at least $4000 for three years in a row. Time to buy the lottery tickets or put my name into the contests that are out there and see or visualize what would happen-keeping in mind that abundance comes often!! 

Then how about a task on clearing the clutter- going through your closet and getting rid of five ratty pieces of clothes thus making room for more abundance in your life!

All noble tasks this week. I like this week a lot so far as I find myself very grateful for all the abundance that I have been blessed with – I do find that my belief in the concept of money is out of balance to a certain degree. I remember always thinking that I would have a hard time entering a career where I could self sustain myself. Because my father took care of us, I always imagine that I too would need a man to take care of me. It is interesting how life unfolds in that I am now an independent woman in a job where I do well and now seeking more creativity in life so that I can be in a job where I do well and love what I do.  Who knows how this will unfold, but the awareness is certainly a step in the direction of recovering a sens of abundance.  The week starting off with abundance of friends as I shared in the celebration of one of my best friends for his birthday, i was published in a favorable decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals, and I was greeted warmly by my son’s homeroom teacher in fifth grade- all this and it is only Tuesday!!!  Will keep you up to date as to how my “abundance” artist date goes this week- see you at the end of the week! I am enjoying the idea that I am truly a person of wealth as I stand in gratitude of all the abundance that I do experience on a daily basis. And if it is from God, then it has got to be good!  Amen and Alleluia!


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