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The alchemy of connection.

~Leo Buscaglia, American Author and Motivational Speaker

Be a true believer in the alchemy of connection. When you connect with another through touch, a smile, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring, a seemingly magical power emerges from the profound energy that is shared. That beautiful energy, when released, has the power to change form, nature, or substance, bettering others one life at a time.

This kind of alchemy does happen on a daily basis before your eyes. You are a witness to one person reaching out to assist another in need, to the beauty of two souls sharing a moment in time filled with gentleness, or to a spontaneous act of kindness gifted to you at a time when you were desperate. You must believe that you are a healer whose mere touch has the power to begin the process of alleviating the pain of another. You smile and paint the world with colors of joy. You listen and release the weight of the world off another’s shoulders. You extend yourself in loving-kindness, and you have changed the trajectory of another’s journey. Be a true believer in the magic of connections because they have the potential to heal as long as your intention is there to do so.

Magical Key to Bliss: Believe your connection to a single friend can affect the world for good.


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