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Repeat after me “I am magical”-Repeat again!!!

“Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing.  From this hour, I ordain myself loos’d o limits and imaginary lines.”

Walt Whitman

When I woke up one day and decided that no one had the power to tell me who I was, who I would become and what was possible for my life, I was free. Because when I decided that I was the only one whose opinion mattered, I empowered myself to live my story exactly how I intended.  And it was at the very moment that I made a promise to that beautiful soul staring back at me in the mirror that I would do my best to make this experience the most beautiful journey that I could.  It was at that moment that I decided to stop complaining for what I did not have, to be grateful for all that I do, and to not waste another moment in fear and doubt when love is the whole reason that we are here.  I realized then that there is a power in the universe that I could use to make me whole and free, and the only missing piece to the entire equation is my deciding to be me. All that is possible for me awaits, and what if I said that the same applies to you as well. For all is possible for all of us as long as we think it so. So, on that day I awoke to a new understanding of my life, the road on my journey went from gray to bright yellow. I put on my ruby slippers and said to myself from today on I believe that “I am magical” because I decided it is so. And then it began, the path that I chose was lined with magical works for magical pay and a notion that I am magical every magical day just because I believe it to be! I know this can be your understanding as well for it is your choice, wouldn’t you choose heaven on earth if it were as easy as ringing a bell?  Wake up my friends- wake up. For each time one of us does, it is possible that your brave act, getting up and asserting all that is there for you will impact the entire human race and benefit us all one by one. Together we can light the world with bright colors with no limits.

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