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Radiate love!

Radiate Love!

“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength. Share your wisdom. Radiate Love.” Wilfred Peterson

The words in this quote are very powerful when you read it and put your name after each line. When I personalize it, it becomes a reminder of how special I am. When you do the same, you get a reminder as to how special you are as well. There is no light identical to yours, you have a particular brand of strength that comes from your God- given core, and imagine the insights you can share from the wisdom of your life experiences. When you think like this and really get into the feeling of your awesomeness, I can guarantee that the love will just radiate from you. It is not always this easy, sometime there are days when it feels like everything is going wrong. When I have those kind of days, it is important to read a mantra like the quote above to remind me of my inner beauty. Then, more and more I can convince myself that this too shall pass and tomorrow will be better. I find that there are times when I am guilty of self-sabotage and I allow my personal insecurities to take over to the point where I start to doubt myself. However, I do believe those days are there for a purpose. For the same reason that we have rainy days, it helps us to appreciate even more the days when the sun is shining. And, even as the rain nourishes the land, we too can be nourished from our difficult experiences as we shift our perspective to the positive. Remember it is in the challenges of life, that we see our strength. When we have walked through the challenge, we gain precious wisdom. And, with that newfound wisdom, our light grows brighter. During the struggles of life, I have gained more compassion that helps me to relate to the kindred spirits I meet each day. So in traveling through our pain, doubt, and insecurities, an even greater and magical reward waits for us. We will be able to radiate love even stronger than before because we acknowledge that we are both human and divine. Each morning as you start your day set the intention to do your best to let your light shine, be a source of strength, share your wisdom, and radiate love. Even if your best is to get out of bed that day- give yourself a pat on the back and move forward. Don’t set the bar of achievement for your life. You may be short changing yourself, because perhaps the plan for your life is greater than you have even imagined. Just trust the process of your experience is for your higher good and shine on!

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