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Power in Simplicity!

“5 Simple Things to Remember: 1. Love is why we are here. 2. The most important day is today. 3. If you always do your best , you will have no regrets. 4. Sometimes a wrong turn will bring you exactly to the right place. 5. For all your accomplishments, nothing will bring you more happiness than the love you find.”

On my refrigerator, you will find a magnet that sets forth the above reminder. Each day before I leave my home, the 5 simple things remind me of what is important and if followed puts me on the right tract before I take on my day. Each Simple Thing is important in and of itself. When read together and followed, there is a freedom in the surrender to life because you gain the confidence that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. Then you can truly be open to the journey because Love really is why we are here, to give and receive love through service to one another. Today and the present moment is all that we can be sure of. Do not put off until tomorrow the important things or people that you can be present to today. This is your opportunity to shine and meet your fellow travelers on the road to tomorrow. As long as you put your best foot forward and hold your head high knowing that your efforts are worthy, than you will not have to wish for the past to make things right. One thing is for sure, we cannot change the past, we can take the lessons learned and enrich our lives for the better for having the experience. But do not focus on yesterday, because then you allow it to take away from the beauty of today! It is best not to try control everything in your life, there may be wonderful things that arrive just because you took a wrong turn. Follow your intuition and know that everything happens for a reason and that reason might just bring you something amazing. Follow the butterflies as they loop and happily dance in the direction of your dreams, relinquish the need to control the outcomes of your actions in life. Synchronicities await you at every turn. Sometimes as you go with the flow, laugh at your mistakes, and move forward, you are greatly rewarded with beauty not yet imagined. And while we all strive for success and recognition in life, the only true thing that will give us joy in the end is the love we gain from the connections we make. At the end of your days, the material prizes will not bring you comfort. Happiness will come to you from the gentle caress of a dear friend or the shared experiences of a family member. The real gratitude we feel comes from the appreciation we have for the blessings that we have been given, whatever those blessings look like. It is our family, born to us or chosen- human or creature, that will bring a smile to our days. You will be remembered for how you treated another, not for what prize is on your mantle. So when you can remember or be reminded of these 5 Simple Things, any challenge that you might experience will seem small in comparison. It really is that simple. Remember to give love my friends and have a wonderful day!

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