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One small step in the right direction!

Meg’s mantra: keep in taking one small step in the right direction!

In year’s past, I start out setting so many goals, so many intentions that I am sure to accomplish at least one.  At the end of the year or the beginning of the next, I happily do a review and cross off each one with a smile. However, it seems that there always remain one that challenges me the most and remains yet to be realized over and over again. Instead of getting depressed or frustrated, this year my perspective is very different. I am grateful for the small steps in the right direction that have taken me to this place today – in the here and now. It does not have to take only a year to learn the lessons that will have certain goals come to fruition, but setting out intentions to make efforts will make a difference in the long run!  It really is with patience, perseverance and courage that will have you experiencing continued determination to make lasting and positive change in your life. Maybe this year that coupled with a bit more focus- who knows?  So instead of feeling like a failure- keep setting those big challenging goals and keep stepping in the right direction making minor adjustments or using different tools along the way and let’s see what happens- magic perhaps!!!

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