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Not my glass ceiling, poof it goes away!

What is this glass ceiling that you speak of? You know the one that you have spent centuries conjuring up so that a whole part of society feels kept in its place- to earn less, be less, speak less. I look up and see the sky through it, I see how high I can fly through it.  How much higher do I have to go to do my part to chip away at the illusion that you have spent countless days and nights willing me to believe. Such wasted energy to hold your place in history. Energy that could have been spent in more beneficial ways to encourage a society that speaks the language of collaboration rather than competition.  Why have I wasted years of my life fighting something that I know does not truly exist?

For to be heard for the beauty of my ideas, for the gifts that come from innovation as a whole is the point.  Rather than be silenced because of what I look like, to engender a conversation based upon my experiences as seen through my distinct eyes.  I wear this physical incarnation as a badge of honor, not to be ashamed but celebrated. I see you in that same light.  To hinder my voice is a disservice to both of us because each one of us brings life to this world.

What is a glass ceiling but the top of an illusory box that one who is threatened uses to control.  Is it out of fear that you attempt to keep me in a place that serves no one. I cannot risk giving you the satisfaction of allowing your fear to prevent progress. I no longer have the luxury of stepping aside until another takes the baton to carry us further. This glass ceiling is hate, fear, anger, despair. These are not going to save us, at this point in history.  My voice, as well as the voice of millions, must be heard as we step forward, not backwards, to champion good.  Bringing the masculine and the feminine energies to the table is a testament to true balance of cooperation.  And this glass ceiling you attempt to impose on so many, I am already on the other side. You only limit yourself and what we can do together.  There are no limits to heaven on Earth.  I am no longer looking through a shield that you once thought was there for my own protection.  I am ready to take my rightful place and invite so many others to do the same.  Won’t you step away from your worn out paradigm and join me? We either come to the table together or it is you who holds yourself down behind a ceiling of your own making and will be left behind.  I am ready to stand up for what is right, I will no longer stay quiet and step aside. That is the legacy to which I was born.  For my grandmother, my mother, my father, my sisters, my son and daughter, I choose to believe in the light and welcome all who want to follow that path. I no longer believe in your glass ceiling-and because I give it no import over me, yes then it goes away!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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