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My year of magical thinking : Together we rise!

My year of magical thinking:together we rise! I have been challenged with low self esteem since I was a child. Then again I don’t know many people who haven’t been. As a child, I was alone in the world of my imagination a lot. I believed I could do, be, and accomplish anything. I felt special – like a knowing I was here for something great and fun! The world was truly my treasure box. I remember traveling my path looking to discover clues to unlock the great mysteries. I looked forward to something wonderful every day armed with a willingness to learn something new always. I don’t remember exactly when the darkness started sneaking in-probably around the same time I had a mouth full of metal, a bad haircut, a chubby face and thick very far from trendy glasses that marked me as an obvious target for those unscrupulous few who make life a living hell. My wry sensitive soul had a difficult time charting those territories – hiding whenever I got a chance – wanting to retreat but not really able to. I took my punches still standing, but they left an indelible mark. Vulnerability became a bad word. Needing to survive I made it through until a time where I could create an environment that was safe for me to be me. No longer broken, but rather broken open by my compassion and empathy- I found others who shared my notion of life as a magical place and felt sad for those who only chose to bring pain- setting my limits so they would no longer impact my life. I found and keep finding my tribe, those who are mutually empowered to live a life where peace joy and love are the ultimate goals. Knowing I am no longer alone in this world, I am bolstered to travel again along side my imagination sharing it with others, something that as a child I was unable to do. Together we rise! Alone it is much more difficult! I know this- it is the one thing that has me jumping out of bed in the morning- who do I get to meet today???what do I get to learn through the eyes of another? Living life with my beautiful butterflies by my side, has us all flying together far beyond what meets the eye!!

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