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Music stirs the soul!

If music be the food of love, play on. William Shakespeare

What brings great joy to our lives? What brings great happiness to our days? What brings great passion to our endeavors? What brings great love? A simple answer is the music that surrounds each of us.  Whenever you are in a place where you feel stuck or trapped, turn to music to lift your spirits. There you will find the best avenue in the world to evoke joy, happiness, passion and certainly the dance of love. Whenever you are without words to express what is stirring in your soul, turn to the lyrics of a song to express those feelings that make you feel alive once again.  Whenever you desire to set a certain mood to dance to, to cry to, to sing to, to play to, look to the music that great artists have shared over time and let it guide you to the exact place that you need to go. And at that place, you feed your soul with the music that is the food of love, the ingredient to live a wondrous life.  It is the music of love, the music of life, that helps to unblock you so that you can experience the incredible energy all around that begs to be enjoyed.  There is nothing better than a beautiful melody coming from a violin, it helps to release that gentle breath of peace.  There is nothing more joyous than the beautiful aria of a soprano, it helps you connect to an otherworldly emotion.  There is nothing more vibrant than the musical beat that awakens the dance inside of you, it enables you to begin the celebration of life once again.  So if you need an immediate boost so that you can once again feel grateful again, heal your soul with music. If you want to experience more of the love that is just waiting there in life, put on your favorite song, turn up the radio, or even grab an instrument and just play on because music stirs the soul!


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