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Message to God!

Why is it that when I get most overwhelmed I find it so difficult to have faith that you are there taking care of me and my family! You’d think that those times are when I should let go the most and just put it all in your loving hands. The struggle to surrender is sometimes almost harder to me than my reality. The ” what ifs” take over and I think I can do something to prevent any bad- then I get anxious and almost want to crawl out of my own skin. I have heard it before that I am not terminally unique and many go through the struggles just like me. While the idea that I am not alone brings some solace, sitting here contemplating you in all your glory begs the question “why would I need the glory when just the unconditional love in times like this will suffice? ”

so let this be my prayer to you tonight, can you please envelop my family, friends I know and those I don’t in your unconditional love to heal what ails us all both physically and spiritually – that is it – and in exchange I will do my part here on earth! Amen and alleluia! A special prayer for my sister Aimee to find what is causing her headaches so that the proper medicine can be taken so she feels better! Thank you and peace ! Meggie

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