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Meg’s March Book Club: Featuring Indie Authors Linda Ulleseit and Gracia Rich

BOOK CLUB- March Picks

Give love to your imagination and your future by reading a new book!  

Meg’s Book Club introduces up-and-coming debut authors – one of my favorite things! For March introducing Linda Ulleseit and Gracia Rich.

Handkerchief, Book 1 of the Kiss of A Killer Trilogy. By Gracia Rich

Its genre is Thriller/Suspense.

It is about a millionairess who murders for fun. Handkerchief is a psychotic, thrill-ride of cat and mouse. Jordan Chandler is young, beautiful, educated, and rich. She lives a life that people only dream of. But she has a dangerous hobby, she finds her thrill in murder. Enter Investigator Grayson Jeffcoat. He finds the new millionairess intriguing, but there is something else about her. Something wickedly sinister. As Jordan finds herself in the middle of a string of murders, will Grayson figure out what she’s really hiding or will he push his gut feelings aside and pursue his romantic interests? Find out in Handkerchief, Book 1 of the Kiss of A Killer Trilogy.

Inspiration I was inspired because I had never seen an African-American female portrayed in this light in any novel, and I wanted to create something different.

Other Details It is available now on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Contact Gracia Gracia can be contacted on Facebook at Gracia Collins Rich, Instagram at @beautifullynaturalgeek and via email at

The Aloha Spirit

By Linda Ulleseit

The spirit of aloha is found in Hawaii’s fresh ocean air, the flowers, the trade winds . . . the natural beauty that smoothes the struggles of daily life. In 1922 Honolulu, unhappy in the adoptive family that’s raised her, Dolores begins to search for that spirit early on—and she begins by running away at sixteen to live with her newlywed friend Maria. 

Trying to find her own love, Dolores marries a young Portuguese man named Manolo. His large family embraces her, but when his drinking leads to physical abuse, only his relative Alberto comes to her rescue—and sparks a passion within Dolores that she hasn’t known before. Staunch Catholics can’t divorce, however; so, after the Pearl Harbor attack, Dolores flees with her two daughters to California, only to be followed by both Manolo and Alberto. In California, Manolo’s drinking problems continue—and Alberto’s begin. Outraged that yet another man in her life is turning to the bottle for answers, Dolores starts to doubt her feelings for Alberto. Is he only going to disappoint her, as Manolo has? Or is Alberto the embodiment of the aloha spirit she’s been seeking?


Linda is Women Writing the West’s Marketing Director and member of Historical Novel Society. She has an MFA in creative writing from Lindenwood University. Linda believes in the unspoken power of women living ordinary lives. All of Linda’s novels are inspired by her female ancestors. In this case, it’s her husband’s grandmother, who was an amazing woman with a big heart who had a tough childhood. Linda wanted to explore how Grandma could find the inner strength to become what she was from where she started.

Other Details The Aloha Spirit is available now wherever you buy books. Visit Linda’s website at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Give love to your imagination and your future by reading a new book!  

Support Indie Authors! Tune in Next Month for More Incredible Book Choices


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