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Meg’s mantra: Everything, all those feelings, are temporary!

Meg’s mantra: Everything, all those feelings, are temporary. (inspired by Frank Simone)

Feeling a bit off and depressed as I woke today, my back stiff, pulled muscle in Zumba, not having slept really well, and just wanting my mommy to kiss the boo boo (I will never grow out of the need for my mommy to kiss my boos boos- physical and emotional), I still got dressed and moving despite the malaise. I was going to see my son get his Honor’s certificate and would not miss that. I watched him beam as they announced his name. He looked for Frank and me and waived jubilantly as he went back to his seat. Such joy in accomplishment. So happy for him, yet still could not shake the feeling of sad. Struggling with a sense of desperation and impatience as I feel certain setbacks towards accomplishing my own goals and dreams. Can’t move very well means can’t exercise and frustrations sets in as I cannot do what I need to do to build muscle and lose weight ( and believe me I would work out through the pain but this pulled muscle really is painful -ugh!!!!) Can’t think clearly means my focus is not on finishing my book after three years plus working on it. After listening to all me through tears streaming down my face, my husband reminded me that everything, all these feelings, every moment in fact, is temporary. Pain, sadness, even happiness too. It comes and goes in the many moments that make up our lives. Ok, I pulled a muscle in my back, but it will heal and I can get back on track stronger. Ok, I miss my mom and am facing a lot of feelings that I shoved down for so long, but then when I face them as quick as they came I can let it go. I am loved, I am surrounded by friends and I get a chance to make better choices and I was even reminded of a song that pulled me back to a time of pure happiness. Gratitude is my drug of choice. A whole head filled with gratitude. So now, not feeling as depressed as I was this morning. Grateful for it all and grateful that most times my insight and wisdom comes from all the angels who pop in, albeit some temporary and some more permanent, I am ok. Tears have stopped for now and I am thinking more clearly as I hold on to the joy of this morning and let the sadness go just for now. Oh and jam out to “Just a Girl” by No Doubt. MEG

Music video by No Doubt performing Just A Girl. (C) 2003 Interscope Records

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