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Meg, Mari and Oprah 10-25!

Reb logged! “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I wrote yesterday, I was treated to Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend thanks to my very dear friend Meg who won tickets to the event. The event was amazing. How could it not be with Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Iyanla Vanzant and Rob Bell?

But the more amazing story is this: My friend Meg has been wanting to meet Oprah for years. And she has put it out there in the universe. She also has worked hard at doing things that would bring her closer to her dream, ranging from investing in relationships to investing in expensive tickets to the event. And, of course, meeting Oprah is on Meg’s vision board.

At one point during the event today, Oprah was walking among the people sitting on the floor, which included Meg. A little higher up, I was sitting with one of Meg’s family members and we watched as Oprah got within feet of Meg. We were silently willing Oprah to talk to Meg. The next thing we knew, Oprah grabs the hand of a woman sitting next to Meg and takes her up to the stage. And we are thinking, no, no, no, it’s supposed to be Meg. When I see the woman’s face on the Jumbotron, I realize that it is another friend of ours, Mari. Through tears, Mari manages to tell Oprah that Meg is the one who should be up there because Meg wants to meet her so badly. Next thing we know, Oprah calls Meg to the stage. And there it is ― in front of us and on the huge Jumbotrons ― Meg, wearing her tiara, on stage with Oprah. It was a beautiful moment.

For the remainder of the event, people would point to Meg, want to be photographed with Meg and even asked if they could touch her. Crazy, but all true.

In all the madness and wonder of it all, two things struck me: Meg’s determination to make something happen and our friend Mari’s kindness. Several of us remarked that we weren’t sure that we would have had the presence of mind to tell Oprah about our friend and to make it happen for someone else.

“It was supposed to happen for Meg,” our friend Mari said after. “I was just the connector.”

Her kindness did strike a chord with not only our friends, but also with strangers. Several people approached Mari to say what an amazing friend she was.

I am still having trouble believing how the whole thing happened. Thankfully, this doubting Thomas has photos on her phone. My favorite one is a close up of Meg with her big smile ― and tiara― on stage. As she told me just yesterday, “Why do people have such trouble believing that the universe conspires to give them what they want?” When you add generosity and kindness to determination, it seems anything is possible.

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