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Magical Sychronicity!

Magical synchronicity!

“I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.”

Charles de Lint

Have you ever had a moment where you experienced people and places that were so familiar you were sure you’ve met them or been there before?  When these moments occur, pay attention.  The person or place is there to teach you something about yourself that you would not learn otherwise.  It may be something or someone that you need to hear, see, taste, or know that will ignite the creative spark in you to lead you on a new creative journey.  You build your life based upon connections. It is in the awareness of the moments of synchronicity that can propel your life forward to heal and to expand your energetic field for love, creativity and joy.  That synchronistic meeting may be the missing link in figuring out your true calling here.  With this awareness, you no longer take the moments in time that you experience for granted. So if you have a connection today where you feel a message of love that you were praying for, don’t dismiss it as a random event.  More likely than not, it was a message of love that was destined just for you. How could you not just fall in love with magical synchronicity.

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