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Love is a decision!

“As long as you refuse to see your inner potential for happiness now, you will not see it in the world.  You will only see in the world what you’re prepared to see in yourself- nothing more and nothing less.” Robert Holden, PhD

Today, make the greatest and most important decision for your life. Make the decision to love yourself just as you are.  There is a freedom that comes from valuing your gifts and talents as you stand.  There is a power that comes from choosing to see yourself in the most loving and kind light possible, right now no matter you have done or what you have failed to do.  There is beauty that comes from the recognition that you are worthy of love and your true state is one of happiness and bliss.  If you start today to look for this love and happiness in you and in your world, then just open your arms wide and it is like magic- you will get what you are looking for and will attract more of the same into your life.  Clear the mental and emotional clutter that may be preventing you from seeing your own inner light.  Make the choice to value yourself by accepting your own inner worth.  Embrace who are and the talents that are so uniquely yours.  Replace the negative chatter with love.  This is a gift for you to be shared by you.  You never needed to prove yourself to others, you just need to accept your gifts with an incredible and unconditional love.  If you need a little support along the way, surround yourself with others who can mirror your beauty right back to you by sharing with you their own brand of optimism.  But remember. their positive spirit is welcome but their validation was never necessary. No one needs to give you the permission to truly accept and love yourself just as you are.  That has been your divine birthright from the day that you were born.  You are here on purpose and it is your choice to recognize that your purpose was to bring love.  For if you want to see your dreams come true, if you want to see the journey unfold exactly even better than you imagined, and if you truly want to experience happiness, then get prepared to see in yourself everything that you want to see in your world.  For if you make the decision to love, then all the happiness and success will follow. Make that choice to love yourself and be prepared to experience that same love in your world  throughout your day.

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