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Let your heart speak louder!

Meg’s mantra: let my heart speak louder than my head! Visualize this- your heart is the center of love- as it goes along to the steady beat of life it pumps joy throughout your body! This is the joy that nourishes your soul! This is the joy when shared can bring about magic and miracles. This is the joy that has you in awe of the reality you are experiencing! Thoughts are powerful things – when you allow love to speak louder and wash over any negative thought – there where you are broken – you let the light of love in- then your dreams start to take flight! It’s as simple as that! Let your heart speak beauty over your life and let it sing a beautiful song for all to hear!!!

Happy birthday to my husband Frank Simone – day 4 of love goes out to you!! I hope you have an amazing day experiencing something wonderful in each moment!

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