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Keep hope alive!

Meg’s mantra: Hope is a very powerful elixir! Keep hope alive-

Hope is at the center of my being. Hope to love better, to be loved. Hope to feel joy, hope to make a difference by bringing joy to another. Hope to awaken to purpose, hope to inspire others to do the same. I have been in the darkest of places where I lost hope – thank God angels, both earth and beyond, never left my side. Now, I know many who feel the same and I will never pass up an opportunity to pay hope forward, for there by the grace of God go I! There is no better time than today to reset refocus and renew hope for a better now and a better tomorrow. In this time of Lent, because the story of Jesus offers all of us great hope, I will do my best to remember the fragility of life and the miracles that can happen when hope is introduced once again! It’s quite a powerful elixir to alleviate pain and shine light on possibility! Hope is the desire or expectation that something wonderful is about to happen when you believe! Let all of us never give up on our desires to dream! Please won’t you help me and help others keep hope alive!! Hold On, Pain Ends-Time for this little light of mine to shine, I’m gonna let it SHINE! Join me!!!!

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