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Instructions for living a life!

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention, Be astonished, Tell about it.” Mary Oliver, “SOMETIMES”

There are times in life when we may find a need to detach from life and our surroundings. Perhaps our circumstances can get to be too overwhelming. When that happens, instead of desperately trying to control it all, we might just need to let go just a little and allow ourselves to float so that we can stay above water. The freedom that comes from a little surrender, rather than putting up a fight, may be just what is needed to gain a little perspective. It may be just what is needed to bring a bit of peace and balance back into our visual and physical sphere. When we feel the stress build and the anxiety take over, it is then we must start to pay attention to those internal cues that beg us to get back into the effortless flow of life. As we visualize floating on the lazy river of life, instead of the fast paced stormy waters that we are accustomed to, we get to be carried to a place of astonishment opening up to all the wonderful things that await. Pausing for just a moment to take it all in at a speed that we can handle and enjoy. And when we slow it down just a bit, we can be sure that there are always wonderful things that await us if we keep our eyes and mind open. When we are delivered to the next exciting part of our life’s journey, be sure to share these little instructions that make life worth living. Tell your story so that others may also experience a newfound hope for all the great possibilities to experience joy that are out there yet to be discovered. Come join me on the river won’t you?

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