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In order to glow, let go!

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

Ever hold on to something with all your might, stubborn to the bitter end.  Wanting to control everything and everyone around you, not even willing to let go when things don’t go the way you believe they should.  It has been my experience that when I do this, I end up squeezing the life out of everything and everyone I love only to end up getting the life squeezed out of me as well.

Funny thing this idea of control, the only thing that it does is put you on a path of disappointment and lost expectations.  The only thing it does is keep you from happiness that is waiting for you in the here and now. So now, if you feel that you are holding on way past the expiration date, today’s message is perhaps now it is time to let go. That does not mean give up on your dreams. In fact, when you get intentional and set out your dreams, sometimes to follow them means to let go of the rigid picture that you believe the result should show.  My friend talks about being a feather on the breath of God. Setting out your desires and watching as God and the universe conspire in your favor. Allowing the wind to take you and carry you.  For me, this can be quite a challenge.  I, like many of you, can get caught up in the drama of my need to control life.  With trying to stay at a job in a position that has been good but no longer inspires, with trying to control the other in relationships when they have run the course, or with trying to manage the futures of those I love so much thinking I know what is better for them than they do. When I hold on with all my might to that picture of a life that I plan, I am dragged to points of exhaustion, wasting the energy that I could put to better use in other ways.  And worse, I do not leave room for something better than I can even imagine.

I did not plan to see my mother pass away at such a young age. One of my dreams was to share the journey raising my kids with her and learn from her.  But the loss, even after fighting it, had me going deep inside to a place where I could risk sharing my pain and path with others.  I did not plan to do a job for 17 years only to lose a promotion. But this course correct now has me stretching the boundaries of other possibilities for me rather than buying into the safety of something that no longer serves my highest good.  I did not plan to see some of my closest friendships fall away. My goodness there were times in my life that I could never imagine life without some of these people.  But this re-evaluation has me making better decisions as to how I spend my energy and need to detach with love. It is no wonder though that I felt dragged lately because fear dictates what if nothing better awaits me. But you may get to the point in time, that to save yourself, it may just be the right time to let go of the vision you planned to allow acceptance of the joy of a vision that awaits me. And with it an added freedom that when I let go and stop fighting, I will start to feel the sun in my face, the breath of life fill my lungs and the wind in my hair as I allow it to carry me once again. There I shall find new beauty and take my rightful place soaring with the eagles! In order to glow, let go.

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In order to glow, let go! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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