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Go where you are celebrated!

“Transformation, liberation and celebration are the themes of all my novels.” Tom Robbins

There is nothing better than showing up in a room full of people who are clearly excited to see you. You feel like a celebrity, a superstar, loved when you are greeted by shrieks of pure joy and embraced by warm hugs and smiles from friends and family.

This may just be the key to living the life you always have wanted. After loving yourself, surround yourself with others who make you feel special, adding to the import of your purpose here on Earth.  Others who are more than willing to rejoice in your successes and share experiences binding  each of your stories as they unfold.

Having been raised in a home where celebrations were particularly important, when new invitees are welcomed into the fold you can almost sense a moment of transformation as life is opened to new meaning as they are enveloped by love and community. A dullness tends to fall away in the face of the colors of joy. Thus, leaving a liberated mindset that welcomes all the feel good vibes that are coming their way.

So I leave you today with this one reminder, go find those places where you will be celebrated because they most surely exist. Let your intuition guide you to those people who know the meaning of gratitude and find ways to express to you how ridiculously important you are in their lives. Let transformation, liberation and celebration be the themes that guide your life story as you delight in the deliciousness of an energy that is rejuvenating and effortless all at once. And especially if you are feeling down, reach out and find some way to celebrate yourself today with those that can guide you on the way! Love will show up there, I promise you!

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Go where you are celebrated! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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