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Giving hope for love to be born again!

When you give birth to something that you are passionate about and let it go out into the world, your hope is that it will be protected and nurtured. But by putting it out there, the control over what happens to it is gone.That is where trust and faith come into play.  If you keep it to yourself, it can never grow. However, if you release your “baby” into the world, the possibility that it will thrive and blossom are great. You have to trust that this “something”, like you, has a greater purpose for there must be a reason that it has been conceived.  You have been entrusted with the spark so that you can do what is necessary to let the loving energy you put out there fan the flames.  With faith, when you let it go, there is the hope that it will be received in a way that honors its essence.  So much so that others will step in and care for it and love it as much as you do. The greatest blessing of allowing your gifts, talents or ideas come to light is the possibility of touching another with your story that will spark their fire within and will make the world a better place!!! To touch and inspire others to expect the best out of life by tapping into their own fountain of creativity that may lie dormant within is a tremendous celebration of life. A celebration that liberates the spirit to break down the imaginary walls of heaven so that mere mortals get a glimpse of earth illuminated with the truth of how magical we all are.  Certainly, as spiritual beings, we are so much more than meets the eye! So release what has been given to you, nurture it and then let it go to be shared with the masses, so that your light can shine for all the world to see clearer with their own light.  Giving hope for love to be born again!

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