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Find peace in gratitude.

Life has to be more simple. We have so many gifts. If you want peace, open your eyes to what you have around you and say thank-you.

~Beverly Donofrio, American memoirist and author of Astonished

Life gets hectic because we choose to layer on expectation over expectation. Life can get very stressful because we are encouraged daily to work harder, acquire more, and participate in the rat race. Life can be unfulfilling because we seek to fill the void by looking outside of ourselves, never fully appreciating our beauty within. Life can be painful, especially when things happen that are tragic and make no sense. Yet with a simple shift to an attitude of gratitude, we can experience life’s other side of the coin. When we realize that we already have everything we need in life, we find contentment. When we clear away the clutter and open our eyes, we discover inner joy. When we cherish the people in our lives, we find inner happiness. When we are grateful for the opportunity to be silent and experience the blessings that come our way, we finally know peace. There is a renewed vision when we are thankful for all the beauty that surrounds us. Build on that attitude of gratitude, and even when life is extremely difficult, we will find comfort and peace in our blessings.

Magical Key to Bliss: Open your eyes to the blessings that are around you, and be grateful!


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