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Find out what makes you come alive and do that!

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” Dolly Parton

When you set out to make your life mean something, while you may not realize it at first, others may be watching your actions and the way you go about it so be a person of the highest virtues. When you set out to expand your horizons by studying the great thinkers of our time, others may want to share in the knowledge that you gain so be an avid teacher. When you set out your goals and make a conscious intention to act and follow your dreams, others may be ready to follow your lead on the journey to make their own desires a reality so be an inspirational leader. You are intrinsically connected to other people, whether it is obvious or not. What you do in your life can and will directly impact others, whether you want it to or not. When you ensure that you live a life based on love, compassion and tolerance, the example you set will infect others to do the same. But most importantly, make the choice to come alive.  Find that passion in your soul, discover what can set it free and do that.  And when you sparkle and shine, invite others to join you. When you find a path that allows you to tap into the very thing that bolsters your spirit, share your map with others so that they might be inspired to find their own. When you become more, show others it is possible for them too. Conduct a life you would be proud of asking yourself daily what makes you come alive and just do it. Those who may be watching will look to you and be encouraged to do the same. For we need more leaders to create a legacy that inspires others to feel alive and embrace the wonder that surrounds us. This is what will inspire excellence in this world and foster more exceptional leaders. Come alive people!!

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