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Don’t Let Dreams be Dreams!

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

Khalil Gibran

Whenever I need a boost of inspiration, I find myself drawn to the theater.  The theater has always been a warm and welcoming place where creativity unfolds right before my eyes. As long as I enter this domain with an open heart and mind, I am sure to come away with something that will inspire my own imagination to take flight.  Label the performance as good or bad, no matter, the theater has always been a safe place for a creative to go to get a necessary recharge when looking for direction and the negativity of the world may prove to be too much.

In November, I saw that Alan Cumming was coming to town. I had seen him on Broadway in 2013 for his revival of Cabaret and was beyond excited to take his talent in again as he brought his Sappy songs to the stage. Feeling somewhat down after the events of that particular period, one disappointment after another had me seeking out positive outlets that could revive my own creative spirit, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase close to front row tickets for his February performance.  And February could not come soon enough.

It was the first time that I had gone to the theater at The Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center of Performing Arts. And when I handed the volunteer my tickets, an overwhelming surge of excitement came over me as she led us inside where I was met by the energy of other art afficionados milling around to find their seats as they basked in the warm yellow hue of the numerous globe lightbulbs that surrounded us all. Settling into the second row, directly center, I took in the stage and noted that the piano, cello and drums waited for its artist to help it to come alive.  And the masterful Alan Cumming and his team of musicians did not disappoint.  Not quite certain understanding before what it was that I came there for, I left feeling revitalized as I took in the gifts that all of them had to offer.  At the very core, each one of these individuals came together to share with each person there a dream that was born in them so long ago which they allowed to come true right before our eyes.  And sitting so close to the stage, it was my one hope that somehow each one of them would feel the gratitude that emanated from my own heart as once again my own dreams were impacted in a positive way.

As they stood in front of me vulnerable to the telling of their story, singing their songs, and taking me on an emotional journey, the message that I received loud and clear in the connection was don’t let my dreams be just dreams. As the piano danced, the cello wept, the drums played on, it felt almost like a ritual for me. The theater of life engaging on a deeper level once again with my soul to spark what is needed at this time to empower me to press on.  Naysayers step aside, dream quashers fall away, once again I am invited back to the path that has always been mine to truly experience my life as a cabaret! And when I trust in the gift of what has already been written, I do my part as well to inspire others to join in the miracle of this journey as we travel together to discover the gates of eternity.

For the show, as always, with or without us, must and will go on!

Photo Credit Pilar Uribe

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Don’t Let Dreams be Dreams! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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