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Don’t forget to fill up your cup!

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

Exhausting. This year has been exhausting. The kind of exhaustion that creeps up on you, and you don’t realize it until you stop for a moment and ask yourself “why am I so tired, why am I so depleted!!!”

It becomes habitual, this state of chaos and downright craziness. And you think that you can handle it- you got this- you can keep it up- go go go!  Until you come screeching to a halt knowing that unless you start to fill yourself up, how can you possibly serve this world the way that you wish.

Simplicity beckons. Simpler times are yearned for. Pining for how it was way back then, when the grass is always greener mentality is just a ruse.  The world has not changed, good and bad have always been. If you grow weary, then how will you ever withstand the fallout from hurricanes, hatred, anger, divisiveness if your energetic vibration remains low. How will you ever be the positive change that you wish to see in the world!  How?

Hold on now- it is time to fill your cup. Stop for a moment and recognize.  You cannot proceed without shifting your energy to a place of peace and stillness.  Only there can you begin to understand what needed to thrive again.  If you are thirsty for joy, seek out the goodness that remains right in front of you waiting to be appreciated. Go to the beach, take a walk with your dog, be present to your neighbors, meditate on all that is worth living for. And enjoy your view, from where you stand, exactly where you are. Stop for a moment and be in your skin. From that place, you start to fill up again. And, when you fill up again, you can do the good work you are called to do and overflow love on to others who desperately need it. You do not need a grand gesture, just a mere simple readjustment may do to move your energy in the right direction again. Start with appreciating the fresh air and the sunshine, this is not a luxury, it turns out it is one of the most essential things that you will ever do! Time to fill up your cup.

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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